Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I'm pissed off these days.
It doesn't happen often and I feel the need to write about it to let go some of it.

I'm pissed off with all the mental conditionings that the society impose us.

When I was in Italy I was living in a more conforming way than now. I had a regular job, I even wore a tie. But every morning, in front of the mirror, I always asked myself:"why, why do I have to wear a tie to be more credible in my job?"
Till one day, my discomfort got to the point that I took my tie off for the last time. I quit my job and went to Maui to follow my dreams.

Six years later, I'm a lot less conforming and way happier.
But the society's influence is still annoyingly invading my life. If I could live of only surf, I would have nothing to complain. The waves behave according to the one and only law I recognize as such: the law of the nature.
But I'm a social being. I need people, I love people (well, not ALL people...). And I am pissed off when the society conforms the people I love's mind and sometimes it makes it difficult, if not impossible, to relate to them.

I want to do everything I feel like doing.
Just like a dog running after a stick that somebody would throw, I want to follow my instincts.

Now, let's think for a moment about this marriage/girlfriend-boyfriend thing.
No doubt that the instinct of having kids and protecting them is innate in us. If it wasn't, we would have not survived so many million years.
But... do you really think that a few million years ago there were families just like now? Do you really think that a few million years ago most humans ended up having the same lover for the rest of their lives?

Here, I'll give you an example.
The christian religion allows a man to get married and keep the chosen partner for the rest of his life, avoiding sex with others.
The muslims religion allows a man to get married to a bunch of women (the famous harem), instead.
BTW, the first thought this brings to my mind is: and why muslim women can't marry many men, instead? Not fair, but... whatever, let me get to the point.
A christian wife is happy if her husband only sleeps with her.
A muslim wife is happy if her husband sleeps with her and with the other wives.
Now, how is that possible? Are maybe chistian women genetically different from muslims women?
It's all the shit that is put in our head since we were kids that makes our reality. We are all born the same. Then somebody tells us what to do. Tells us if we are chistians or muslims and how many wives we can have... and fucks up our lives.


Look what I found on the internet.
According to the Bible, all humans on earth today are descended from Noah and his wife, his three sons and their wives, and before that from Adam and Eve (Genesis 1-11).

What?! I can't believe that in 2007 there's still people who believe this. And I even have friends (well, maybe not anymore when they read this...) that believe it. And some other that don't believe it, but are so conditioned by the monogamy rule that they stick to it! And miss out on one of the best things on earth: sex with different partners.

I'm 44. I'm done with monogamous relationships. They go too much against my instincts.
I'm too honest to do like half of the rest of the world does: just pretend to be monogamous and cheat.
And I don't want to do what the other half does: go against their instinct and stick to monogamy.
But, as I was saying at the beginning, sometimes this makes difficult, if not impossible, to relate to the people that I love and that love me.

Fuck monogamy, fuck society, fuck religion, fuck TV, fuck all the shit put in our brain when we were kids. It's so hard to get rid of it...

I'm a free man. But tonight I'm also alone and really, really pissed off.